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Newtree 3.0

Healthy Beauty No. 1
Transitioning into a Global Company

  • 2022

    • July

      • Hosted KLPGA Ever Collagen Queen’s Crown 2022
    • June

      • Launched the Ever Collagen all-in-one ampule, a drinking ampule only for GC Green Cross Well-being Hospital
    • January

      • Won the grand prize for Gyno Master in 2022 Korea First Brand Awards
        (in the Customers Council/Lactobacillus for Vagina category)
      • Launched Ever Collagen In & Up Biotin Cell and Time Biotin Cell on home shopping sites
      • Launched Ever Collagen In & Up Biotin Farm and Time Biotin Farm for Pharmacy (Green Store)
  • 2021

    • December

      • Hosted Ever Collagen LPBA Championship@Taebaek
    • October

      • Won the Contribution Award from the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition
    • July

      • Won the Technical Improvement Award from the Korean Society of Food Science and Technology
      • Hosted KLPGA Ever Collagen Queen’s Crown 2021
    • June

      • Launched the Ever Collagen Black on the home shopping site
    • May

      • Gyno Master, chosen as Customer's #1 Pick in 2021 (Chosun Media/Lactobacillus for Vagina)
  • 2020

    • December

      • Reached annual home shopping sales of KRW 100 billion
    • October

      • Won the Industrial Technology Award from the Korean Society of Food Science and Technology
  • 2018

    Global Business Expansion

    • October

      • Applied for technical review by China Public Health Food
    • May

      • Ever Collagen TIME (Launched on UGO home shopping)

    New B2C Business Expansion

    • June

      • Founded ‘Ever Spring,’ a network marketing company
  • 2016-2017

    Expansion of B2C Market (Online/Offline) and Launching of Online Shopping Site


    • December

      • Certified as New Excellent Technology (NET) for Aster spathulifolius extract by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
    • September

      • Won the 36th-week IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award in the ‘Panduratin (fingerroot extract)’ diet food section
    • February

      • Founded ‘NEWTREE O2’
      • Showcased Weguard for stomach (launched on Lotte Home Shopping), Avocado Oil (launched on Home & Shopping)
      • Pandora Diet Beauty Up (launched on Lotte Home Shopping & NS Home Shopping)


    • October

      • Launched the Pandora Beauty shopping mall, Woman's Black Currant (launched on NS Home Shopping)
    • May

      • Ever Collagen TIME (launched on GS MY SHOP), The First Raw Royal Jelly (launched on Lotte Home Shopping)
    • March

      • The First Organic Noni (launched on Home & Shopping)

    Global Business Expansion (China/America/Southeast Asia)


    • January

      • Founded NEWTREE Shanghai (紐途丽(上海)商贸有限公司), a corporation in China
      • Launched in Singapore
      • Entered of the United States
      • Launched in China (Shanghai, Nanjing, and Beijing)

Newtree 2.0

Develop and distribute patented material-based products

  • 2014-2015

    Released B2C Products (brands: Pandora Diet, Ever Collagen, Weguard)


    • May

      • Beauty Master (launched on CJ Home Shopping/IM Shopping, * discontinued)


    • November

      • Super Weguard (launched on GS Home Shopping)
    • October

      • Ever Collagen UV Care (launched on GS Home Shopping)
      • Pandora Diet (launched on NS Home Shopping)

Newtree 1.0

Development of new natural materials and
patented proprietary technology

  • 2008-2013

    Released the first certified inner beauty products in collaboration with AP

    Entered the B2B market by developing and supplying proprietary inner beauty materials
    (Amore Pacific, Korea Yakult, CJ Cheiljedang)

  • 2001-2008

    Certified as technology that produces arabinoxylan, a polysaccharide for activating the immune system

    Won the Award of Excellence in the 1st KRIBB Bio Symposium

    Acquired the New Technology (NT) certification mark from the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

    Acquired the IINNOBIZ Business Certification

    Acquired ISO 9001

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