Become healthier and more beautiful.
NEWTREE protects healthy beauty.

Newtree’s Healthy Beauty

More Beautiful, More Healthy

NEWTREE prioritizes ‘customer’s health and beauty’ above all else and develop biotechnology of the future to provide materials and products for healthy beauty to our customers, helping them maintain their healthy beauty over time. Embodying the spirit of a tree that gives everything generously, NEWTREE enhances the elements associated with ‘being healthier and more beautiful,’ expands them into the vision of HEALTHY BEAUTY, and leads the market to eventually become a global health/functional food company.


A global company that protects
health and beauty


Based on the biotechnology of the future, we deliver the nature in more scientific ways for inner healthy beauty.


Nature / Human / Science

The value of life reborn with scientific naturalism

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Healthier and More Beautiful
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