Nature ∙ Human ∙ Science
The value of life reborn with scientific naturalism

Newtree’s LOGO

It represents the nobleness of life blossoming from
The three circles each signifying the nature, human, and science.

The logo of NEWTREE Co., Ltd. embodies ‘the naturalism based on science.’
‘The naturalism based on science’ means the close relationship and communications among the nature/human/science.



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  • The symbolic logo has three circles, each signifies the nature, human, and science.
    These circles are placed in a triangular shape, meaning the trinity of the nature, human, and science and their close relationship.
    * Trinity: Three elements being combined for a singular purpose.
  • The atypical visual element connected to the top-left circle embodies a leaf (life force) and it means a new life can be born from the close relationship and communications among the nature, human, and science.
  • Therefore, the meaning of the logo is [the value of life born from the naturalism based on science]. We wanted to instill a sense of trust and reliability in the logo by incorporating the stable shape of a triangle and adding slight variations to the form. And the embodiment of life looks like effortlessly gliding on wind to represent NEWTREE’s futuristic and adventurous characteristics and spirits.

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