We are eagerly awaiting individuals with
passion, a positive mindset, and the spirit to strive for excellence.


With open mind, we always welcome talented people.

We run a fair and objective HR system
based on core competencies and job functions.

Hierarchy system

We offer career development and personal enhancement opportunities through internal/external training to enhance individual skills and organizational performance. Our structure consists of a six-tier position hierarchy, complemented by a performance-based executive system.

Green - Senior - Deputy - Section Chief - Deputy Manager - Department Manager
Director - Executive Director - Chief Executive Director - Vice President - President - Chairman

Working environment

Provides meal support
Benefits (operating expenses, broadcasting pay, overtime pay, allowance for the job position, leader allowance, etc.)
Supports phone bill for business
Provides transportation expense (taxi) for overtime/extra work
Runs employee lounge (cafeteria)


We work hard to make our staff
work happily in a more pleasant and healthier environment.

Refresh Day (once a month)
Summer vacation bonus
Holiday bonuses (New Year's Day and Chuseok)
Cash gifts for special occasions
Children's educational expenses
Birthday cake and Christmas cake
In-house recommendation (bring a talent) bonus
Runs three recreational resorts
Supports health checkup expenses for staff (biannually)

Customer Support


am09:00 – pm06:00


Healthier and More Beautiful
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