Korea’s first
proprietary materials
certified for multi-purpose functionalities

Independently Developed Materials

After ceaseless investment and research, we now introduce
our health beauty products made with proprietary materials.

We have 8 proprietary materials certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) and 3 of them certified for individual multi-purpose functionality for the first time in Korea.

NEWTREE holds ownership over 27 domestic patents, 11 applications for a patent, 32 international patents, 17 applications for international patent based on natural substances from all over the world that have proven effective in healthy beauty, including body fat burning, skin hydration, skin lightening, and wrinkle removal.

Fingerroot Extract Powder, a new multi-purpose material for diet and beauty

Extracted from the roots of fingerroot after researching and screening over 1,000 different plants from more than 18,000 islands in Indonesia for more than a decade

Fingerroot Extract Powder’s Functionalities

Helps reducing body fat, repairing the skin damaged from ultraviolet ray, and keeping the skin hydrated.
Recognition No. 2013-5

Low molecular collagen peptide optimized for skin absorption and penetration

Unlike conventional collagen, which is difficult to penetrate and be absorbed by the skin, low molecular collagen peptides can deliver collagen to the skin with a size as small as 1/10,000th of a human hair.

Low Molecular Collagen Peptide Functionality

Helps keeping the skin hydration and repairing the skin damaged from ultraviolet ray.
Recognition No. 2010-25, 2013-30

Licorice extract that suppresses helicobacter proliferation and functions as a multi-purpose stomach health agent

The special ingredient (licorice extract) found in licorice suppresses the growth of helicobacter in the gastric mucous membranes and protects the membranes to keep the stomach healthy.

Licorice Extract Functionality

Suppresses Helicobacter proliferation and helps keeping the stomach healthy.
Recognition No. 2014-4

Ceylon moss that reduces body fat and improves blood sugar level

Ceylon moss, harvested from the sea, is proved to be effective in reducing body fat and improving blood sugar level control and insulin resistance according to the study on a human body conducted by Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong in 2017.

Aster spathulifolius that reduces body fat, visceral fat, and subcutaneous fat

When Aster spathulifolius extract, which includes the chlorogenic acid extracted from the herbaceous perennial in the Aster family, is ingested for 12 weeks, lipogenesis is suppressed and lipolysis is accelerated, resulting in weight loss.

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