Add what’s necessary and remove what’s unnecessary for
healthy and balanced beauty


Realize true beauty
starting from the nature

Like a tree blossoming beautiful flowers by absorbing rich nutrients from its roots, we take beauty to the next level with bioengineering

Similar to how ancient trees and fruit trees thrive on the nourishment provided by nature through their roots, NEWTREE aspires to be a source of comprehensive well-being, enabling humanity to maintain enduring health and beauty. We are committed to offering healthy beauty products that harness the cutting-edge biotechnology of the future.

Unwanted toxins that our bodies
collect in our daily lives

From toxic environmental substances and reduced physical activity to life stress and the inevitable aging process,
our bodies often lose essential elements while accumulating unwanted toxic substances.

The key to achieving true healthy beauty
is maintaining balance within the body

To realize true healthy beauty,
it is important to ‘accurately’ incorporate essential substances into the body while ‘properly’ eliminating unnecessary substances.
The true beauty is realized when everything is in balance.

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