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What is Gelidium Glegans?

Gelidium Elegans


Gelidium elegans

  • Ceylon moss refers to gelidium elegans (LAMOUROUX) LAMOUROUX. It is a collective term for Beckerella, Pterocladia, Acanthopeltis, Gelidiella, and more, all of which are red algae species.
  • It is found in the coastal waters of Korea, Japan, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean, typically growing on rocks located approximately 20 meters below the low-water line. The gametophyte of female and male specimens exists independently and creates carpospores through sexual reproduction. Agarose is made by rinsing ceylon moss in fresh water, drying under the sun, simmering in water, removing dregs, and cooling. Agar is made of frozen and dried agarose.
  • Ceylon moss consists of 30% of Korea’s national marine algae production. It is estimated that Korea produces around 3,000 tons of Ceylon moss annually, with 90% of this yield coming from Jeju Island.

The standardization of ceylon moss extract

Ceylon moss extract is standardized at fucosterol 1.7 mg/g ± 20%

The safety of Ceylon Moss extract

Ceylon moss (gelidium elegans) is traditional food and it is a food material without limitation. This material is extracted with alcohol and heated water and dried. It only contains ceylon moss extract and 100% safe for consumption.

  • GLP organization's toxicity study proves it to be safe:
    ① Genotoxicity test (3 test)
    ② Single-dose toxicity test (on rodents)
    ③ Repeat dose toxicity test (on rodents)
  • Human clinical studies: 140 Korean subjects, no side-effects reported

Its leaves are listed as an edible ingredient in the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety's food ingredient database

The efficacy of Ceylon Moss

  • Body fat reduction

    Animal test results indicate that it has a significant effect on body fat reduction Human clinical trial results indicate that it has a significant effect on body fat reduction
    (Severance Hospital, 2018)

    Body fat reduction
  • Blood sugar improvement

    Animal test results indicate that it has a significant effect on blood sugar level and insulin resistance.

    Blood sugar improvement

Papers related to ceylon moss extract

  • Evaluation of the Genotoxicity of a Gelidium elegans Extract in Vitro and in Vivo (Journal of Food and Nutrition Research) 2016.Vol.4
  • Gelidium elegans Regulates the AMPK-PRDM16-UCP-1 Pathway and Has a Synergistic Effect with Orlistat on Obesity-Associated Features in Mice Fed (Nutrients) 2017.Vol.9
  • Gelidium elegans extracts regulate blood glucose homeostasis in ICR mice (Journal of Food and Nutrition Research) 2017. Vol.5
  • 13-week oral roxicity study with Gelidium elegans extracts in rats (Molecules) 2018, 23(1)
  • Gelidium elegans extracts Improve Insulin Sensitivity in C57BL/KsJ m+/+db Mice and C57BL/KsJ-db/db Mice (Nutrition) 2017.Vol.31

Patents related to ceylon moss extract

Domestic patent applicationA composite containing ceylon moss extract as active ingredient that can be used to prevent or treat metabolic syndrome (Oct. 31, 2017)

The body fat reduction effect of ceylon moss extract

In DEXA result, the group that consumed ceylon moss extract had approximately 1,560g of body fat reduced when compared to the control group.
In FAT CT result, the group that took ceylon moss extract had 8.81 cm2 of visceral fat reduced and 17.3 cm2 of subcutaneous fat reduced, and 26.11 cm2 of total abdominal fat reduced.

  • Source:A human trial to prove ceylon moss extract’s effects on body fat reduction and its safety, Severance Hospital, 2018 (IRB:2017-0860)
    – Korean men and women with average of 35.5/78 Korean subjects/average body weight of 71.5kg/12 weeks
    – Test group: Daily oral dose of three tablets for 12 weeks (ceylon moss extract 1,000 mg/day)
    – Placebo group: Daily oral dose of three tablets for 12 weeks (same as the test group)
  • * The human clinical test result may not be uniformly applied to all human individuals

The material standardization of ceylon moss extract

Items Specifications
Fucosterol (mg/g) 1.7±20%
Lead (mg/Kg) 1.0
Cadmium (mg/kg) 2.0
Total Mercury (mg/kg) 1.0
Arsenic (mg/kg) 30.0
Pesticide Residues BHC, DDT, Aldrin. Dieldrin and Emdrin (mg/kg) Not Detected
Coliforms Negative

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